Crafted: Chef Sami Family Recipe


got nothinG but heat


For all my HOT Sauce Lovers. Here is our Family Recipe. Let's Brings The Food Back to life. For a limited time only Use Promo Code: SAMI . To get your sauce today for only $14.99 + FREE SHIPPING

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How It All Started

Sami Sauce - Hello My Name is Sami, the creator of Sami Sauce. When crafting this flavorful sauce it was not intended to be sold at first. It all started 20 years ago when my family and loved ones ranted and raved about how they wanted hot sauce on everything, I mean they put it on Everything. One Day I was cooking for my loved ones. I decided to make a small batch of Hot sauce filled with fresh flavorful ingredients. I wanted my sauce to be different from the rest of these hot sauces that these companies crafted. Enough with me going on about how I created my sauce. I can write a book. 

Try it for your self. Let me know what you think! 

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